That Social Psychology is Real

An eye witness personally observed Jerry Sandusky raping a child. In the shower.

On Penn State’s property, that is.

This was no misunderstanding. Sandusky and the boy were completely naked and Sandusky was physically raping him.

There it was.

And this was no taboo 4-10 or 15 year age gap. This was an old man raping a little boy.

It was one of dozens of examples that Penn State employed an individual whom it had irrefutable proof was a CLASSIC, DANGEROUS PEDOPHILE.

Sandusky was the man with candy who looked like your neighbor.

And Penn State knew it for YEARS.

They ENABLED him to continue choosing new victims- victims who no one would EVER believe, based not only their ages but their means and the means of their families- they were the easiest targets on Earth, and so were their powerless parents.

The ultimate injustice is NOT that NCAA sanctions were “inappropriate.”

The ultimate injustice is that (bleeping) institution hasn’t been shut down and burned to the ground.

Just ask all those boys that nobody listened to, who were MADE TO FEEL TERRIBLE for not APPRECIATING what “Jerry” was DOING for them and how LUCKY they were.

Don’t believe me. Read the Freeh Report. I’m not embellishing. It’s DESPICABLE. ALL of them should be hanging right next to Sandusky.

To bitch and moan about NCAA sanctions is the most egregious out of touch move anyone could make and it demonstrates the sheer ARROGANCE of the powerful.

What planet do you LIVE on?

And SHAME ON THE MEDIA for bending over backwards to sound objective about this. SHAME on you.


The West Memphis Three Made a Difference Before They Even Knew It

Miller v. Alabama (the “no life without parole (LWOP) per se for people less than eighteen” case) was argued in March 2012 before Scotus, along with another case which the court considered simultaneously. Jackson v. Hobbs, a case originating in Arkansas.

The West Memphis Three (of Arkansas) entered Alford pleas to murder in August 2011 and received credit for time served (when one of the three, who was 18 and some months old when the crimes occurred- had been on death row, I think another got two LWOP sentences, and the third got life plus 40).

All had been in prison for 18 years and it could not have been clearer that there was no case at all against them, except for a love of Metallica and weird hair.

I have to believe this sheer coincidence resulted in the right result in Miller v. Alabama. Barely.

I can’t tell for sure, but counsel for Arkansas sounds a hell of a lot like counsel for the Arkansas Attorney General who had the audacity to stand at a live press conference on national television in August 2011 explaining that the WM3 likely would’ve been acquitted after a retrial that they would surely get, and likely would’ve collectively been entitled to 30 million in damages for civil liability. (This officer of the court was never asked whether he believed in good faith there was probable cause to continue that prosecution).

Listen to oral arguments.

There was some serious debate going on with counsel for Alabama who went first. Alito was very hostile to drawing the line like the court was being asked to do. When counsel for Arkansas argued, you could hear a fricking pin drop. No more laughter. Just a very deserved quiet disdain for the state of Arkansas.

Metallica’s “Sanitarium” should’ve been played in the background during that argument.

Chillingly, that was a 5-4 decision. Alito read his dissent from the bench (and he was really pissed as he read it). The more I learn, the more I am convinced that all his kids’ friends hate him and would never want to stay at the Alitos overnight. He is totally the evil teacher in every headbanger video you’ve ever seen.

Either way, it might seem like these freak wrongful convictions happen, and there was never any argument that the two kids before the Supreme Court were innocent, but the timing of that facade of a plea for the WM3 and Miller v. Alabama seemed to have been fate.

Here I Stand. I Can Do No Other. (Martin Luther)

I guess the Protestant Reformation was a crazy time.

A federal judge has ruled that the “five second rule” utilized by police in Ferguson, Missouri is violative of First Amendment rights to peacefully protest.

Putting aside the obvious, that forcing peaceful protesters to “move along” when they’re in a public place and causing no disruption can only serve to raise tensions with police, I admittedly did not appreciate what I repeatedly heard about the problems with police in Ferguson: that everyone was constantly being ordered to “keep walking” or “move.”

I also don’t know whether such a tactic (to incite a riot, it seems to me) is new or well worn.

Either way, it is a courageous ruling in a time in which political backlash is likely, if not certain, for this lone, brave judge.

May all in Ferguson who choose plant themselves like trees in any public place that they like.

They can do no other.

Why Are You So Surprised?

Ferguson, Missouri has again become tense in recent days.

Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer in highly questionable circumstances, to put it as kindly as possible, on August 9.

It is September 24.

The case remains before the Grand Dragon- I mean Jury, and apparently has been given until January to decide whether to even charge the shooter.

I really am a lawyer. And I really do promise that that is unheard of.

And it should be no surprise that people know a whitewash when they see one.

The only question is why this didn’t happen sooner.

Oh- as for the rumors swirling that police set one of the three memorials on fire at the site where Brown was shot. I mean, the people living there probably can’t imagine who else might do that.

It would definitely be unfair to assert such a thing, based on some stereotype about those people.

That’s kind of the point they’re trying to make.

They know, it is as usual lost on you.

The Most Refreshing Domestic Violent Rant You’ll See All Year

Did it really take an elevator video of a huge guy clocking his wife and knocking her out for you to believe that happened to begin with? Or that it doesn’t happen in an elevator near you everyday, that it’s happening right now?

Was the other video of her unconscious not enough?

Did you think domestic violence wasn’t that ugly? I will say, I thought it would be much harder to watch; I’m glad it wasn’t, but we’ve all seen a lot worse.

That America can always manage to act like insidious, rampantly prevalent social problems like domestic violence do not happen to people like “us”- like the ones in that video on the elevator – never ceases to amaze me. It is the ultimate double think that has enabled us to sleep for centuries.

In fact, domestic violence is actively occurring right now in the houses of some people reading this right now. They may not even finish reading this because all hell might break loose before the end is reached (it is long, and that makes this more likely).

Domestic violence is a public health crisis.

It is no surprise that it is “laughable” (everything with a greater than one step solution in this fucking country is just so “laughable”) to approach it like one.

It does not exist at all, unless in our Brave New World, some video- those never lie- play- and play- and play- and we are forced to acknowledge it.

As briefly as possible.

Hoping like hell it just goes away.

And if THAT doesn’t work, we blame the one guy, and hammer him with life altering consequences.

And make him knock it the fuck off and teach his ass to never pull that shit again.

Make an example of him.

Kind of like that guy was acting in that video.

Domestic violence is the ultimate paradox.

It is composed of actions and emotions that cannot possibly coexist.

Nothing matches.

It is inflicting and accepting pain for the very reasons that you’re not supposed to do that, or even want to.

Pure madness.

Domestic violence can’t be eradicated with bombs (please don’t let this separate irony escape you), or paid off, or treated with pills, or diagnosed (and treated with pills) – *yet.

And when I say diagnose I mean everybody in that equation.

Mark my words: there will be drugs for everybody. Drugs all around, it’s the American way. And when they’re mistakenly or intentionally switched between abuser and victim and there is no fucking difference, we will ignore that, too, invent new diagnoses and new drugs, write it into EEOC regulations and call it a disability under the ADA.

And it will be cool to have whatever they call that for awhile.

Nor do I buy the fallback “athletes are role models” excuse for the NFL’s reaction via some sweeping hollow “policy shift announcement” because frankly, our kids would never have even known what some of those guys were up to in the first place, if not for all this “video” uproar that those same white knights here to take a stand against domestic violence simply could not cover up, in the end anyway.

I’m not justifying whatever anybody may do if it hurts anybody else, and I think they should be punished for doing bad things, because we have LAWS in place making those things CRIMES.

I don’t think that women ever asked for it, know that some women are the aggressor and can the same meathead assholes that men more often are, and am not minimizing the terror of domestic violence.

Nobody who has had the briefest of encounters with it can do that with a straight face.

Almost all women have had a few horror movie moments, hiding somewhere in the dark praying they’re not found, not knowing if they’re overreacting but confident enough in their will to live that they stay so still that they can’t be heard breathing. or being followed around by someone who’s threatened them increasingly, and somehow always surfaces out of nowhere when they’re completely alone, or looking into their rear view mirror and before they realize they’re being followed, feel their hearts nearly leap out of their throats, or have seen the eyes of someone who suddenly wants to hurt them, the kind you look into and realize don’t see them back, don’t see anything, the blank kind there is no soul behind.

And we’ve all watched others we really love make excuses for somebody we thought was truly a monster, never knowing if we’d see them again when we parted ways, knowing they refused to acknowledge that we may not, and knowing there wasn’t a damn thing we could do about it.

Maybe everybody has some experience with those things, or been the monster and felt really bad about it. Or maybe even liked it; there’s probably nothing that can be done for that last group, and everyone should be protected from them.

THOSE guys are the only ones the mentality I’m so tired of seeing effectively handles, and the reality nobody wants to face- demonstrated perfectly by the NFL’s announcement- is that monsters like that, the ones you can’t ever reason with, because they just don’t feel empathy, and that’s not really their fault, though they are nonetheless truly dangerous- are very rare and usually do go to prison. Some might hold press conferences about the horrors of domestic violence. But I digress.

I do not apologize for my sheer irritation with this candle burning, hand holding, sob session mentality seen at “vigils” (you’re nobody if you haven’t been to many, many “vigils”) that only occur after people are murdered, when this was something you knew was coming sometimes for years and couldn’t seem to get through to- that lady- or worse, never even tried.

I am not sorry because it is very DISINGENUOUS.

I hope I’m not alone- and do not care if am- in being worn out worrying about how I will “look” if I just say I’m offended by all that touchy feely vigil shit not only because I don’t believe it is sincere, but because it hasn’t made one god damn difference.

I mean it’s like the fucking McCarthy era of sensitivity and nobody wants to be viewed as not caring about “victims”- and god forbid a mere suspicion is uttered that we think “she was asking for it” circulates.

I guess man hater is the new vegan, and that is precisely the problem.

Kind of makes me want to hit somebody.

And that would be wrong.

But because I am a female who has permission to say “I just want to fucking beat somebody’s face in,” maybe even break something once in awhile- DEFINITELY throw stuff- god that feels good- because sometimes you just need to do that (granted- females suffer a whole different set of consequences for talking and acting like that- “psycho bitch,” manic, pushy, bitch, dyke, butch…. But that is an altogether separate matter)),

I won’t hit anybody when I go on about how I want to because unlike the men around me, I get to say it, in as much sadistic detail as I want, and when I have that out of my system, I don’t want to anymore.

Either way, whether you think you can try to understand the guy clocking his wife or you hate him, and no matter how judgmental you are about why she stays, BOTH of them are being USED to help us AVOID the ugly reality that didn’t surface for the first time in some posh hotel elevator 1000 miles away, like some horrific extraordinary event.

There’s a difference between lifting the veil of secrecy and shame of domestic violence and shameless face-saving opportunism by rich people who’d like to stay that way and who knows, maybe even make a little more by “taking a stand” about what cannot be denied.

It gives the rest of us “normal” people the opportunity to believe those things don’t happen to people like “us.” Football is such a violent sport, I mean we never thought about it but it kind of does make sense, not to mention the pressure of the NFL, the media, the lights, the rat race to stay signed (look I hate football, I’m probably not using the right football words, though they are all bullshit)…

And that is kind of the problem.

The parent of any young person knows a current member of this difficult coin called domestic violence. Tonight some of our kids are going to assault someone else, because maybe we did it to somebody else and they watched, or we didn’t do anything about it when we were beat up and they watched.

Some of our kids are getting their asses kicked by someone who is bigger, stronger, and couldn’t possibly lose. Thinking about that makes me want to kill whoever that is. Fucking bullies.,

And we will never even know that happened, not for a long, long time. (My parents didn’t, and I didn’t know until much much later that it was happening to one of mine).

In the spirit of the American way, we have polarized this entire issue, and everybody has to “take a side.” Unlike guns or abortion, this one seems to be a no brainer. Which makes it so hard to “come out” about living with violence- whether you get hit, and certainly if you beat people up.

On that note, it might be hard to imagine not understanding how to run into the arms of the huuuuuge array of help out their for “victims.”

On their behalf, you lost them at “victim.”

They don’t think that’s what they are, they thought they were just people, like you- or at least that’s what you looked like to them, until you started acting all weird when they tried to just talk to somebody about stuff and made them feel like some cute homeless animal you could “foster” until you got them a “forever home.” I think they probably also want you to know that you would get a hell of a lot further if you would stop talking DOWN to them all the time like they’re CHILDREN, trying to run their entire LIVES, forcing them into every counseling program on Earth, under threat of CPS investigation like some freak scene family court remake of 1984, because just a reminder, they’ve seen more than you will ever be able to handle, straight faced and without reacting, I mean that just makes it worse; they have mastered the fine art of escape that would impress the most sophisticated of inmates, from what to hide, where to hide it, and when to execute the plan- and not by themselves, sometimes with tiny people that make noise because they don’t know any better, so they have backup plans B, C, and D- it’s Navy Seal shit, what they know and how to pull off, or they wouldn’t be standing in front of you while you treat them like a lost puppy. They also implore me to remind you that they didn’t kick their own asses and terrorize their kids, and that that’s kind of why they even have to talk to you, so get off your nonprofit high horse, blow out your stupid aromatherapy candles, shut the fuck up for a minute and just listen, idiots. They’ve kind of got some shit they’ve needed to talk about for a very long time. Finally, deal with it: they’re confused or they wouldn’t be here, hoping you can help them, but they still love those guys who drove them here, and a lot of those guys, as backwards as their thinking and actions might be, really love them.

I’m just sayin. On their behalf.

Domestic violence isn’t resolved with a press conference announcing the iron hand of intolerance for beating the hell out of other people at home.

It is a complex social issue, one we all contribute to whether we mean to or not, no matter how well intentioned.

It’s not a feel good topic that can be used to achieve social status by ranting about how wrong it is, or to promise eternal damnation to people who beat their wives, because sadly, if you lock that one up, those wives will find another one just like him, and everybody usually gets back out anyway.

There’s no magic bullet solution.

It is a state of mind.

It is a terrorizing, unpredictable way of life, for everybody involved, and all almost all of those involved loved each other at first, and many of them, despite the insanity of their actions and reactions, or mystifying lack thereof, still do.

Accept that addressing it is a lengthy, painful process for all concerned, and not a new law, or twenty laws, or a “blanket ban,” or a lump sum, or a pill will “fix” it.

It doesn’t get “fixed,” there is no “cure.”

And if you really care as much as you say you do, stop bragging about all the “vigils” you’ve been to, stop organizing them, stop holding press conferences and saying things no one on Earth could possibly disagree with (“hitting ladies is wrong and that’s all there is to it”- well, if only you’d told us that before, asshole), and learn a little HUMILITY.

Because the people you say you care so much about know a hell of a lot about humility, and they can detect self serving bullshit a mile away.

I’m not saying I have the solution.

I am saying that it is not this.

Did Michael Brown Have a Juvenile Record? None of Your God Damn Business

A day after a motion was filed (presumably with the Missouri Grand Jury painstakingly “investigating” Michael Brown’s death as though the case was being tried there) to open Brown’s juvenile court file- if there was one- officials have stated that he was never adjudicated of a serious A or B felony.

Here is what that means:

Missouri law must allow for the adjudications of kids with A or B felonies to be in the public record.

Here is why the statement violates the Juvenile Code in Missouri:

The dumbass official who stated he had no A or B felonies has implicitly stated there was other stuff in Brown’s file.

As a juvenile, he was entitled to the cloak of confidentiality guaranteed to all kids.

Here is why it is infuriating:

He’s dead and there had been no showing whatsoever that his confidential juvenile record has any relevance at all to why he is dead.

If the officer did not know anything about Brown’s history, it is per se irrelevant to why he is dead, because the officer’s state of mind, and not Brown’s previous conduct- if any- is what is relevant to the self defense equation.

Put simply, it doesn’t matter if Brown had a record, if that was unknown to Wilson.

Second, if whatever might be in Brown’s file is nonviolent in nature, and even if Wilson knew it, it is still irrelevant to the self defense equation, because you don’t just get to execute “bad guys.”

Cops are not juries.

Cops are not judges.

Cops are not executioners.

And bashing this kid all over again re-victimizes him, and tortures his family.

It is also a poorly played hand by all concerned about future rioting, particularly because these debates are occurring behind the cloak of secrecy of the Grand Jury.

This trial- and all pretrial issues- should be held in the light of day in a public courtroom and subject to public scrutiny.

An indictment should issue because factually speaking, there is probable cause to believe that a homicide occurred.

There is probable cause.

If Brown had shot Wilson, in identical circumstances, he would already have a trial date.

No one disagrees with that.

No one.

Was This One Close Enough, Scalia?

Henry Lee McCollum spent thirty years on death row after falsely confessing to the rape and murder of an 11 year old girl. His codefendant, Leon Brown, was serving life.

Thanks to DNA testing, both were exonerated and released after the real perpetrator was discovered.

That same man had actually confessed to a “strikingly similar” crime of another girl quite close in time to the victim’s murder in McCollum and Brown’s case. This is not to mention that Roscoe Artis lived about a block from the location of the murder. Artis also had by then accrued quite a record of sexual assaults, as well.

I can’t help but think of Michael Morton, who was also convicted despite never-tested DNA with the real killer’s DNA silently sitting at the crime scene, this time on a bandana (Artis’ DNA was on a cigarette butt, next to the murder weapons). Overlooking obvious physical evidence containing the most compelling of all proof in a case is a hallmark of tunnel vision that arguably amounts to intent, to execute the wrong person for a crime, and that is chilling, and should be to you. But I digress.

In 1994, the Republican party used McCollum’s mug shot on a flier to highlight its claim that Democrats were “soft on crime.” When SCOTUS refused to hear a challenge to the fliers, Scalia indicated that the crime was so horrific that no one could really argue with the notion that if ever the death penalty was in order, essentially, it was here.

Unless the executed are innocent, your honor.

Scalia is also noted as having stated that there is no known case in which an innocent person has been executed. While I beg to differ (see Cameron Todd Willingham, Troy Davis, and many, many more), that the prosecutor in this case stated “we have no case” begs the question, is this close enough, judge, that you might, in your position of colossal power and influence do a little soul searching, swallow your pride, and join in on this ongoing discussion that we do get it wrong, maybe all the time?

It brings me no pleasure to say, I will not hold my breath.

Shame on us all.

Brady v. Maryland? There Is No Brady v. Maryland

An extremely accurate timeline of the Hammond (& Pertway) case.

take that, goliath.

Dejuan Hammond will, indeed, be tried for the murder of Troya Sheckles for a third time.

It is no surprise that Dejuan Hammond’s murder trial will proceed for a third time in late August.

To bring those out of the loop up to speed, this is the co-defendant murder case out of Louisville, Kentucky which has been coined “fraught with allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.” So believable were these allegations that two separate prosecutors have been on the witness stand explaining how evidence could be “doctored,” literally. Having been personally present, I have to tell you, that explanation was something to see. It was completely and utterly unbelievable, as well.

A brief timeline, of withheld evidence:

October 22, 2012 (jury selection for “Pettway I”):
Pettway’s defense, after asking for over a week for a 2009 interview with an important witness, receives it. It is 50 minutes long and is the polar…

View original post 815 more words

Michael Brown: Somebody’s Son

A mom and dad are burying their son today. Forget his name for a minute.

Having watched my parents bury their son, I can assure you, this is the most difficult day of their lives.

No, he didn’t deserve to die. I will leave it at that for now, and that is not easy.

But Michael Brown’s parents probably aren’t going to be thinking about that as their child is placed in the ground, or as they’re driven away from the cemetery looking behind them at the casket just sitting there, not wanting to leave him there alone.

Over the last week or so I’ve come across stories about him like everyone else, but the one that I can’t stop thinking about is why he decided not to play football..

Apparently he was going to play his sophomore year in high school, but he never played a game, because he was afraid he would end up hurting somebody.

That’s the kind of kid who will be laid to rest today.

Let that mom and dad say goodbye to their son, Big Mike.

May he rest in peace.

August 15, 2014: My “Purge” Story

Rumors swirled in Louisville, Kentucky for a week that this night of reckoning was coming. I resisted, then drank the Kool Aid, to my shame.

And to my daughter’a humiliation.

Here is my “Louisville purge” story:

My ‪#‎purge‬ story: I thought it was stupid, too, & mainly worried about all the kids that would get GANG thrown into their court files for being unlucky enough to be charged with something on Friday. Until about 10:30 when my mom texted me saying “what’s going on, your aunt is texting me freaking out.” Zoe K. Cook was working at Qdoba at UL and that made me nervous enough that I checked Facebook and the first thing I saw was Tija Jackson’s status saying all hell was breaking loose. So then I get on my scanner and there’s EIGHTY THOUSAND PEOPLE ON IT. There’s never been more than a couple hundred so I grab my keys and peel out to Qdoba in sweatpants, totally bummy, and a very crazed parental panicked look in my eye. This was exacerbated by my whacko looking messed up hair. I grabbed the border collie. I don’t know why because as I did about 90 to Qdoba and while texting my mom, she asked if I grabbed my mace & I said “no! I grabbed Cisco!” I illegally parked at a very quiet, docile Qdoba leaving the border collie inside, threw the door at Qdoba open like a madman, & Zoe was walking out from the back with a horrified “wtf” look on her face. I said “where’s your car.” Zoe: at Manual. Me: let’s go. The purge. It’s real. [insert black and white horror movie complete with crazy climactic music here- also included as the crazy guy with the tie that’s pulled all halfway down, disheveled, who no one believes] There’s been a homicide (there really had been, about 20 minutes earlier and it was closeby). People are busting out car windows, there’s kids in masks at Taylor & central with lots of weapons let’s GO!” Moments pass, and I realize the sweat dripping down my face. In docile quiet Qdoba. I notice staff- some of whom I know- and all of whom think I’m crazy- trying not to laugh. Zoe comes from the back with a broom. And her manager. Who with a very friendly face tells me Zoe has to sweep the floor before she leaves. Me: well I guess that’s your call but…” (I’m still acting totally Soylent Green, my poor daughter). So I go back to my illegally parked car while Zoe sweeps. Waiting impatiently, convinced the “purge” was probably flooding down the street as I sat there but that I would save her in some action movie finale fashion at the last moment. None of that happened. Some dude strolled out with a boatload of garbage to take to the dumpster and his cohort (& Zoe’s cohort- Gary- I’ve heard a lot about him & he now believes that I am the Soylent Green Maniac that I was acting like) came scooting by like you do on the grocery store cart with his dumpster run load. I couldn’t hear everything he said but he kinda kicked the cohort and said “come on man I wanna get TF outta here” laughing his ass off. Zoe- by then completely horrified- hung her head as she marched to the car. The border collie made her entry into the car more humiliating because he had by then become accustomed to riding shotgun and refused to move over. He actually came close to throwing my transmission out by sitting on the gear shift. So there you have it. Now. Let that poor kid play football. He didn’t mean for all that to happen. He didn’t know there were idiots like me out there that would flip out and do 90 to Qdoba.